Macmillan Spelling Rules – Workbook C

Spelling Rules – Workbook C (Grade 3)

This workbook is part of the whole-school spelling program that helps every student become a good speller. The activities help develop different forms of spelling knowledge that enable spelling to move from working memory into long-term memory making spelling stick! These forms of knowledge include: kinaesthetic – the physical feeling when saying sounds or writing words phonological – the sound of spelling visual – the look and patterns of spelling morphemic – the meaning or function of words or parts of words etymological – the history of words Other features are: double-page units providing a full weeks work a learning focus clearly labelled in each unit revision units A scope and sequence chart and word lists are also included. Contents Vowels Consonants Letter patterns Morphology Homophones/Confusing words Topic words The Spelling Rules! approach – SLURP Say the word carefully and slowly to yourself Listen to how the parts sound in sequence Look at the patterns of letters and shape of the word Understand word meanings or origins Remember all similar words you know Practice writing the word



Suitable for Grade 3

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