Maths Handbook & Study Guide Grade 8

The maths handbook & study guide – grade: 8



The maths handbook & study guide – grade: 8
A comprehensive reference book and set of notes that covers everything in one book. Covers the basics and fills in the gaps. Practical and user-friendly – simple, visual and logical. Colour – coded for easy understanding, recall and application.<br />The Number System, Ratio, Rate and Financial Mathematics, Integers, Exponents, Numeric and Geometric Number Patterns, Functions and Relationships, Equations, Geometry, Common Fractions, Decimal Fractions, Pythagoras, Area and Perimeter, Surface Area and Volume, Data Handling, Graphs, Transformational Geometry, Geometry of 3D Shapes, Probablity, Making the Most of Maths, Glossary, Exercises and Term Planner.

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