Charcoal Pencil



Charcoal Pencil

Solid charcoal pencils with lacquer coating. Available in soft, medium and hard grades.

Charcoal. Charcoal is possibly the oldest medium for drawing known to mankind and was already used in the days of prehistory. Our charcoal consists mainly of pulverized charcoal, obtained from burning willow and vine stems, combined with a minimum part of oil-free plant-based binder for anchoring. The opaque black tone and the ease with which it is transferred to the substrate, are linked to the careful choice of the raw materials and the length of the carbonization process before pulverization. The charcoal pencil is often used for making sketches, rough outlines and drawings where fast execution is required. The stroke is smooth, natural and soft. It makes it possible to create calibrated changes in shade. Blending is easily achieved by directly rubbing the drawing with fingers or using a special smudge stick. The characteristic volatility of the stroke requires immediate fixing even in the hardest gradations and more so for softer ones. It is advisable to sharpen the tip with a sharp knife or sand paper avoiding the use of pencil sharpeners due to the fragile nature of the pencil. The round casing in shiny and tough black lacquered, Mexican cedar wood protects the 5mm core.

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Weight 30 g